How to Receive Payments From Foreign Customers Online

The world is evolving, trade has taken a whole new dimension. To trade one must be able to recognize the various payment techniques which is beneficial. Local payment options in Africa has limited international customers and clients from making payment for goods and services.

Do you really want to stand out? Then this training is for you. Zinari Finance Team is dedicated towards ensuring that businesses in Africa and Asia are able to sell and receive payment for goods and services from any part of the world.

Benefits of this training?

  • Massive Growth in your business.
  • Increased orders and shipment across several international locations.
  • Free E-commerce store for your business.
  • Free Plugins and Business registration support in any part of the world.
  • Financial Mentorship.

How to participate?

  • Click here to make a payment of 100$ using crypto or credit card.
  • Upon confirmation of payment we will instantly forward a private zoom meeting link to your email.
  • After your training you will get free international e-commerce store, payment plugins and promotion support.


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